b'Klckner PentaplastACCELERATEProtectingour planet More than ever, people are committed to keeping the planet free of waste. Our Accelerate goal To support this, not only does it haveis to only use materials that to be clear what can be recycled andare practically recyclable or howthere also have to be enoughsustainably sourced by 2028.disposal and recycling facilities available to make recycling possible. We continue to design with recyclability and circularity in mind so valuable plastic We want to make it really easy for ourdoesnt go to waste. Weve factored customers and consumers to do thein several definitions of recyclability, right thing and recycle our products.including those outlined by ISO 14021, Thats why were simplifying ourRecyClass, the Ellen MacArthur materials, focusing on using monoFoundations New Plastics Economy,materials as much as possible, andthe UK Plastics Pact, RECOUP, CITEOmaking it clearer how each of ourand COTREP.products can be recycled. Weve developed a multi-year sustainable material strategy through which well review all materials in all marketing sectors and packaging formats, transitioning from those that are deemed to be unrecyclable to alternatives that are widely recyclable.REC 1 Y 00% CLED14'