b'#PPPyear2Pay with a card made from ocean-bound plastics kp is determined to keep plastics out of the ocean. Thats why we collaborated with partners to create kp ShoreCycleTM films for use in several bank and credit card applications. kp ShoreCycleTM is made from plastics collected from areas near to coastlines that are at risk of polluting waterways and oceans and lack formal waste collection. The recovered plastic is a versatile and sustainable material choice for cards,available in natural, opaque white andsome limited colours.Supporting the UN SDGsBy developing innovative products using more recycled plastic and less energy, were doing our bit for climate action and promoting responsible consumption and production. As we continuously drive for improved recycling industry, innovation and infrastructure, we are helping to keep plastics where they are useful in making new products and out of the environment, helping to protect life both below water and on land.Find out more about the SDGs at sdgs.un.org. 13'