b'Klckner PentaplastINNOVATERallying recycling with the expertsOver the last three years, weve used over 363,000 tonnes of rPET in our products. Thats heavier than 220,000 passenger cars! Weve now committed to a five-year collaboration with UK recycling experts Viridor, locking in an annual supply of 8,000 tonnes of rPET from their new recycling facility. Globally, were partnering with key stakeholders to establish new ways to collect and process rPET, securing a stable supply, and ensuring the infrastructure and incentives exist to collect, sort and recycle.Viridor is delighted to have formed this partnership with kp. It is this kind of collaboration that will have a meaningfulimpact on creating a truly circular economy.Keith Trower, Viridor Resource Management Managing DirectorFrom left: Aida Cierco, Sustainability Manager at kp, with Simon Hicks, Managing Director Recycling at ViridorInvesting in rPET for the futureTo further our Pledge, and remain a global leaderin recycled content products, we have invested over 17.5 million in our Montreal site in Canada, supporting our commitment to plastic waste reduction and to using recycled PET for manufacturing meat trays in North America. The new operation, in a state-of-the-art facility,17.5mcan process 23 kilotonnes of post-consumerPET flakes annually, collected from municipal recycling facilities. We are also investing 12 million in major capital invested in our Montreal sitethroughout 2020 and 2021 to further develop our for rPET meat trays in Northfactories in Crumlin, Wales; Ritterhude, Germany; America and Melbourne, Australia. This will allow us to substantially increase our rPET tray and rigid film capacity.12'