b'Doing so muchmore with less Innovation isnt just about product developmentits also about transforming methods, formulas, procedures and processes. At our Rural Retreat site in the USA, weFrom left: Mark Gonyar, Director of Business Development,Isabelle Mathieu, Process Engineer and Marco Mercier,worked closely with a customer toSite Manager in Montrealdesign new beverage labels, resulting in a 20% reduction in both waste and energy consumption. This innovationNorth America andalso led to a superior producta winAustralia join the Elitefor both our customer and kp.Since launching our Pledge, we have introduced We have achieved tremendousour award-winning kp Elite packaging in Northefficiencies in material use in shrinkAmerica and Australia, following a successfulfilm processing at our Pontivy siteintroduction across Europe.in France. By adapting processes and investing in equipment andkp Elite is one of a kind in the fresh protein machinery, we have reduced themarket, combining sustainability and functionality amount of waste produced by afor consumers and retailers with production efficiency massive 60%! and protection for food processors. On-pack messaging encourages consumers to recycle the trays, taking circularity to the next level.60% Our North America team has presented kp Eliteat trade shows and to our customers, spreading the word about this sustainable solution. Theyre also collaborating with our main sorting partner reduction in flexible filmto promote kp Tray2TrayTM recycling (see p.8). waste produced at ourWere supporting an Australian supermarkets Pontivy site in France transition of all their modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) products to kp Elite, helping to reach shared sustainability goals and their aim to make all own-brand meat packaging 100% recyclable and recoverable.kp Elite is also available in New Zealand, where we are looking to expand further in the next year. 11'