b'Klckner PentaplastINNOVATEConservingour resourcesWe are a global leader in recycledcontent products and high-barrierOur Innovate goal protective packaging, and we wantis to manufacture products with to optimise resource use while makingup to 100% recycled content sure products are still protected. Thatsby 2028, using post-consumer why were innovating to reduce therPET recovered from bottles, weight of our products and packaging,pots, tubs and trays.using up to 100% recycled content and looking for ways to do more with less. Weve been manufacturing products When we create our products, we paywith rPET for nearly 20 years. As attention to every stage, from designcompetition for this material increases, so does the pressure on everyone to and manufacturing to use and endrecycle more. To achieve our Innovate of life, looking for innovative waysgoal, we continue to partner with to reduce their impact on the planet. suppliers and recyclers to secure a stable supply of high-quality rPET.Were also innovating our products to use less plastic. For example, weve downgauged our LINTOP PE high-barrier shrink film, making it 8% thinner while retaining strength and quality.10'