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Klöckner Pentaplast LEAP (Lean Entrepreneurial Adjacent Program) for MBA Students, High Potentials and Entrepreneurs
Despite the fact that Klöckner Pentaplast followed an impressive path of value creation over the past years, we want to speed-up the development of new products, markets & services. In addition to that we are facing the need of getting more attractive for talents & management, beyond the field of manufacturing/Engineering. Working with MBA students, entrepreneurs and internal talents using the Lean Start-up Approach (LEAP), Klöckner Pentaplast established a business platform to continuously test and validate a minimum valuable product (MVP) of a potential service, product or business idea.
We will not so much focus on the classic question of “Can this product be built?”. Instead, we want to answer whether this product should be built and if we can build a sustainable business around this set of products and services based on the feedback and results of a first product instead of just taking a decision based on a theoretical inquiry. If it is successful, we will support the relevant manager with his or her campaign: enlisting early adopters, adding employees to each further experiment or iteration, and eventually starting to build a product. The relevant students can gain real start-up experience in PE Environment, learn and practice the lean start-up methodology and - in case of interest from both sides – embark upon a full-time engagement at kp. A clear win-win for both sides.

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LEAP Framework
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