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Pentaform Rigid TerraPET APET Films
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Pentaform® Rigid TerraPET® APET Films

Consisting of up to 30% renewable resource content, rigid TerraPET® APET films provide the same brilliant cosmetic clarity and performance properties as standard APET films while helping customers meet their sustainable packaging goals. Made in part from sugar cane, TerraPET® films allow customers to replace fossil fuel based material with up to 30% plant based material.

TerraPET® films have the same performance properties as standard APET films so there is no need to change tooling or package design. These films process on existing equipment in the same thermoforming range and have the same cuttability as standard APET. With a heat-deflection temperature of over 145°F, no special handling or logistics are necessary.

TerraPET® films are ideal for
  • Blisters
  • Clamshells
  • Trays
  • Other thermoformed applications

As with standard APET films, packages produced with these films can be marked with SPI resin identification code 1 and waste from converting operations is compatible with existing pre-consumer recycling streams.

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