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Pentafood® Smartcycle® Films

kp offers SmartCycle® films to help our customers achieve their sustainable packaging goals. Made from recycled plastic beverage bottles, these films are used for trays, clamshells, blisters, all-plastic boxes, and various other containers as well as printed signage and stationery applications.

SmartCycle® mono- and multi-layer films offer a range of products with various guaranteed levels of post-consumer recycled plastic bottle content. These films are certified to meet packaging regulations and to comply with all FDA regulations for direct food contact as well as all applicable EU regulations and directives for food contact. In addition, the films exceed U.S. California and Oregon regulations for rigid plastic packaging containers.

SmartCycle® films provide a plastic packaging option to consumer product companies and retailers while building long-term value by helping them move toward their sustainable packaging goals. Because the SmartCycle® logo may appear on the plastic containers using this film, consumers can make educated choices on their purchases.

The SmartCycle® process of making film from recycled plastic bottles saves energy, natural resources, and, ultimately, will help spur collection of bottles and potentially custom packaging. This begins with marking all packages with the SmartCycle® logo derived from the petaloid base found on most PET bottles. A key goal of SmartCycle® is to help people feel positive (Smart) about and responsible for their packaging choice by conveying the story of sustainable packaging to the entire packaging value chain (Cycle)—consumers, retailers, OEMs, converters, and resource recovery plants. Finally, at the end of the use cycle, the goal of the SmartCycle® mark is to facilitate actual recycling—not down cycling. Currently, most municipalities, retailers, and recycling companies collect only bottles and do not recycle plastic clamshells due to concern for mixing polymer types. With a unique identifying mark, SmartCycle® packages could potentially allow these items to be reprocessed into new containers along with bottles made from like plastics.



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